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Staff Applications Now Open
4 months ago

We are looking for new moderators and a new engie. Check out the applications at this link.

Proper Participation in Public Places
10 months ago

I really hate to have to address this issue, but in the last 2 weeks I have personally had to ban multiple players for using racial slurs on the server in general chat. This is not appropriate and I cannot stress that enough.

Calling other players racial slurs and using hate speech in general will not be tolerated on TLC. If you feel the need to be inappropriate in a public space then you need to understand that there will be consequencees for your actions. Please think before you use words like this and question why you feel that need.

Thank you for understanding that TLC is a space for pe...

Website Update
10 months ago

Greetings all - just a brief update to let you all know we updated the website and a few things on the server, so please let me know if you notice anything newly weird or broken.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
about 1 year ago

The following brought to you by Escargato:

It's that time of year again -- announcing our annual October building contest! Before I announce the theme and rules, I would like to say: thank you, everyone, for a fantastic opening for the 1.14 release on the TLC community. Good job Sissybar and Planetminceraft for the beautiful spawn, and a major thanks to Nathanacus for working hard on the server while still having Real Life hitting him in the back of the head repeatedly. Thanks to the rest of the staff for being you and doing staff things.

Normally, I'll do something hard like "build a haunted mansion" or some type of murder scene, but I have decided to do something a little more simple. The theme is...

*** ...

Rank Updates
about 1 year ago

We've noticed a few errors in how rank scores are calculated. The time score is now one point per second (previously was one point per minute) and the fighting score is now one point per damage dealt/taken/blocked (previously was 1/1200 of a point). Since this has dramatically increased scores, we also adjusted the points requirements for most ranks. See the ranks help thread for the new requirements. And, for funsies, check out our stats page for information on how rank scores breakdown.

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