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9 days ago
Minecraft Inspiration.

dunno if this is right area for it but w/e.

Thread for posting things that've inspired/helped you in Minecraft. It can be photos/videos/text posts/anything about building/redstone/anything.

I built my sewer/cave recently and used stuff from a few different places for inspiration.

Beneath the spoiler is the MC inspiration.


And in some ways I took inspiration from World of Warcraft.


And a game called Pillars of Eternity.


9 days ago
What are you listening to?

throwback to old forums with this post.

Drop whatever you're listening to right now/been listening to recently/want people to listen to.

I think I've listened to both of these songs atleast once a day for the past week. They're jammin'.

Engelwood - Crystal Dolphins

Jack Stauber - Buttercup


14 days ago
I am present. Happy day to you.

Or Gletch, Glotch, Glich, glooch, glitchidoodle, glitchipie.


Glooch is a good man who let me build a sewer near his village and become the creepy sewer-boy, I steal food from his chests when he's not around.

10/10 wood vote for president.

16 days ago
Ditto's back!


17 days ago
my name oleg

my name oleg i come here to play mincraft, it good.


I'm Ollie, been on TLC a long time. I'm on/off for random amounts of time depending on life & other games.


i friendly pls be my frend.