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6 months ago
Ban appeal

  • In-game name: BrinyLicense08
  • Type of ban (perm/temp): Perm
  • Time and date of ban: Sometime 4/10/2021 or 4/11/2021
  • Staff member who banned you: Adorasaur
  • Ban reason: Being generally disruptive, causing problems on purpose
  • Ban time remaining (if temp): perm

First, I would like to apologize for my recent actions on the TLC Minecraft server. I've been really toxic and I take full responsibility for my actions. I know that I have acted unacceptably and I fully admit to that. I also do not expect to be unbanned for this.

I have not been meaning to cause problems or come across as rude. I realize that I have been coming across this way and regret it a lot.

I would like to be given another chance to show I will not cause problems.

Thanks for your time.

6 months ago
Asher622 ban appeal

  • In-game name: Asher622
  • Type of ban (perm/temp): perm
  • Time and date of ban: unknown, few months ago
  • Staff member who banned you: Grxffxn
  • Ban reason: Griefing
  • Ban time remaining (if temp): perm

First, I am writing this from my account because he does not have a forums account.

From what I know, he was banned for griefing. He said: He broke walls to get in to a place, he found a house and broke it, saw a chest (he's saying it was titled 'griefed items'). He looked into the chest and went outside. They TPed him back when they joined and they asked what happened, and he said 'He found a griefed chest'.

He looked for the room which that said it, and could not find it.

He wants to be unbanned because he wants a chance to show that he won't grief again.

(note that some details may be distorted due to time since it happened.)

7 months ago
staff report

Also I now believe she closed the server as it was shut down shortly after I posted the first on this topic

7 months ago
staff report

I would like to report CelestialCat98, which is a mod, for abusing mod powers and falsely banning a player permanently. I can't give exact datesĀ  or times but chatlogs probably can.

1. Raiding our base and threatening us with a ban if we do it back.

Cat killed allĀ  of our villagers, horses, and pets. She stole from us and when we were planning to do it to her she threatened the faction 'pigs' with a ban.

2. Falsely banning S9ipey permanently

Cat banned S9ipey permanently for the reason 'You do not have the right to tell staff what to do'. This happened on 3/28/2021 at about 4PM EST

3. I believe she stole from my ender chest but I have no proof nor did I witness this incident so I can't really accuse.

7 months ago
whats up with not being white listed?

plugins gone server reset

back up now