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17 days ago
Donator Perks

If we have more donator perks they should be cosmetic only and no ingame advantages given. A creative map would be nice but then it might be more of a hassle for staff because they would have to keep reseting it or expanding it. That would cause problems since there would still be builds unfinished and you cant move it over besides world edit, but you can only copy one thing on world edit. Also if we transfer stuff from creative world to another world it will sitll be crowded. Color chat would be a good option for donator perks as there is no ingame bonus and it's not a harmful plugin.

about 1 month ago
Nobody Votes for TLC

More items for the voting shop is a nice idea although the shulker boxes price should be buffed amd the heart of the sea should be decreased. Both are limited but shulkers are usually higher in demand and heart of the seas arent the most needed as you can always just move one around to suite your needs. I think the shulker boxes should be 30-40 while the heart of the sea should be 40.