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21 hours ago
I'm here

We have coreprotect for locking doors, chests, furnaces, ect.... We don't have a land-claim plugin or anything, but if somebody griefs you, staff can find out who it was, ban them, and undo the damage. We've had extraordinarly few incidents of greif though.  

Playerbase depends on what timezone you are, most of our players seem to be in North America, but we have a smattering of Europeans and a gang of Aussies. 

3 days ago
I'm here

It's a very friendly small survival server. We tend to be quite relaxed about most things, pvp is only consensual so we don't have drama or anything from that. Most people are happy to help each other out. We don't seem to use the forums too much, but we have a discord which is reasonably more active. 

14 days ago

They want to know because if you did multiple things at the same time, they'd only count it as one instance. If somebody else finds stuff your broke, that could be interpreted as you having done it again.

about 1 month ago
A Better Stats Page

For the two graphs at the top, is there a way to reverse the direction of the X-axis? It feels weird having oldest at the right and most recent at the left. 

2 months ago
I'm just an average man, with an average life.

Yeah, it's me. I'm alive. I'll probably play a reasonable amount since I seem to have some free time with my masters, but there's also not many people on in the European time zones, so maybe not :/