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14 hours ago
Staff Applications Now Open

We are looking for new moderators and a new engie. Check out the applications at this link.

17 hours ago
Staff Applications 2020

To be eligible for staff membership players should be aged 15 or older and have a rank of Gold or higher. Activity on the server is desirable.


It is the job of server moderators to enforce rules, fix griefing incidents, and maintain civility among players. Players suitable for a moderator position should be active in chat, know the rules, have a history of being well behaved, and be level headed.


It is the job of server engineers to build for the server. To be eligible for an engineer position a player must prove their building skills with a large building that demonstrates the best of their skills. Such a building will be evaluated on the exterior, interior, and surrounding terrain. Please include screenshots and coordinates of the build.

Application Format:

To apply for a postion please state the following:

     Minecraft Username: (Your MC username)

     Discord Username: (Your Discord username)

     Age: (Your age)

     Position: (Either moderator or engineer)

     Current Rank: (Your rank on the server)

     Why you want to be a mod/engie: (explain why you want the position and why you should get it).


Good communication is important for being on the staff team, so make sure to put effort into the application and use good english.

Submit applications as replies to this forum thread. Questions can also be posted as replies to this thread.


16 days ago
AleccccccccccP Ban Appeal

You will be unbanned. Make sure to follow the rules and listen to staff.

16 days ago
Low Player Retention Crisis

I'll start making some modifications to spawn.

about 1 month ago
Donator Perks

I haven't seen any discussion from the other staff about this, but opening an entirely new world just for donators is the sort of thing that might require a server upgrade. It seems unlikely to me. If it happens it might require some big money donations.