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glitch is smelly


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9 months ago
Staff Applications 2020

     Minecraft Username: Glitch_

     Discord Username: Glitch_

     Age: Glitch_

     Position: Custodian

     Current Rank: NotStaff

     Why you want to be a thing: I want to organize the past flatmaps... I want to collect all the past server builds, minigames, personal staff and engineer projects, unfinished whatevers, etc... get them all in one map so there aren't 7 former flatmaps filled with crap lying all over random people's personal computers.

Moreover I think the 458 pages of schematics that have been saved over a decade need organization. There are so many files staff rarely even bother to check if we have something anymore and just build a new thing or give up on projects because why would they do hours of work when they instead could binge watch Downtown Abbey for the sixth time.

Also, Jek is to be forced to do this with me. That is all.

about 1 year ago
Staff Applications Now Open

ahem... I can't recommend st...staff enough. I have always en... enjoyed my t-time as a staff member and think that it is a great opportunity for anyone... oh god... to have a say in the way their f..favorite server is run and maint...tained.

I say this of my own f-free will and without an... any coercion . Hooray staff!


please don't hurt me anymore

about 1 year ago
Nobody Votes for TLC

We definitely need a change. The problem is that voting is too much of a chore - sites have to prevent bots spamming votes and so it becomes a boring process clicking street lights and entering your username.

I don't have a solution but I do agree voting needs to be more desirable.

Good post!

about 1 year ago
Holograms keep dissappearing

I saw a problem like this at the market where holograms were not appearing but were still listed in the active hologram list. Are your holograms invisible or gone altogether?


about 1 year ago
fatbeandee's ban appeal

I guess "nice people" means they don't care if you kill villagers and grief.


Glad to lose you. Ban upheld. Thread locked.