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glitch is smelly


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2 months ago
Staff Applications Now Open

ahem... I can't recommend st...staff enough. I have always en... enjoyed my t-time as a staff member and think that it is a great opportunity for anyone... oh god... to have a say in the way their f..favorite server is run and maint...tained.

I say this of my own f-free will and without an... any coercion . Hooray staff!


please don't hurt me anymore

2 months ago
Nobody Votes for TLC

We definitely need a change. The problem is that voting is too much of a chore - sites have to prevent bots spamming votes and so it becomes a boring process clicking street lights and entering your username.

I don't have a solution but I do agree voting needs to be more desirable.

Good post!

5 months ago
Holograms keep dissappearing

I saw a problem like this at the market where holograms were not appearing but were still listed in the active hologram list. Are your holograms invisible or gone altogether?


7 months ago
fatbeandee's ban appeal

I guess "nice people" means they don't care if you kill villagers and grief.


Glad to lose you. Ban upheld. Thread locked.



8 months ago
Ban appeal for Asher622

unbanned. please follow server rules.