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glitch is smelly


11 months ago
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about 1 month ago
Holograms keep dissappearing

I saw a problem like this at the market where holograms were not appearing but were still listed in the active hologram list. Are your holograms invisible or gone altogether?


3 months ago
fatbeandee's ban appeal

I guess "nice people" means they don't care if you kill villagers and grief.


Glad to lose you. Ban upheld. Thread locked.



4 months ago
Ban appeal for Asher622

unbanned. please follow server rules.


4 months ago
ban appeal

Devil and I had a talk and he is unbanned.

4 months ago
Proper Participation in Public Places

I really hate to have to address this issue, but in the last 2 weeks I have personally had to ban multiple players for using racial slurs on the server in general chat. This is not appropriate and I cannot stress that enough.

Calling other players racial slurs and using hate speech in general will not be tolerated on TLC. If you feel the need to be inappropriate in a public space then you need to understand that there will be consequencees for your actions. Please think before you use words like this and question why you feel that need.

Thank you for understanding that TLC is a space for people to have fun and be social in an environment that isn't going to promote hate.