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23 days ago

Done! On behalf of all TLC staff & the community you're supporting,


Your donation helps keep TLC alive, and we couldn't do it without your help!



3 months ago
Overworld Void Glitch

We are hoping to update to 1.15 in the very near future, hopefully this solves this issue. I will also be sure to mention this at the next staff meeting.

3 months ago
could we ever have /wild?

Hey xNaya, thanks for the suggestion.

When we updated to 1.14.4, we decided against having a /wild or /rtp. We want to encourage players to naturally explore the map. If you're looking for a spot to settle, I recommend using to view our frequently updated Dynmap.

3 months ago
MicSTAMAN and Razar_Blade ban.

Please use the correct format when making a ban appeal, which you can find in the pinned topics under Ban Appeals.

"We didn't understand it was making you upset" is not a valid excuse for stealing. The rules are posted at spawn and players must read them in order to rank up.

If MicSTAMAN would like to appeal, please have him make his own.

3 months ago
xglycons ban

I've decided to change your ban to a temporary ban of 1 week. If your account is used to grief again, it will be a permanent ban, as well as a ban from the Discord server.


Impossible's account is permanently banned.


We will consider implementing a two-factor authentication plugin for future situations like this, and I encourage you to use it.