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5 days ago
broken dynmap??

Not yet!

When you visit, a red error message will pop up but you can still use the map like normal. If the background is black, look for an arrow on the side of the screen. Click that & it should show different options for worlds and views.

Hope this helps!

6 months ago
VIP++ (Donating more than 10 dollars)

Thanks for the suggestions Misa, we will discuss these in staff chat. By the way, we are currently working on $10+ perks and within the next few days you should see some new ones.

Thanks again for supporting TLC! 🥰

7 months ago
asher622 ban appeal

Hey Asher,

It was brought to my attention yesterday that you had stolen items from Give_Me_Ores, including an enchantment table and bookshelves. The iron shop in the marketplace had blocks of iron missing, so it was not just item frames. In addition, you also griefed Smoll_Shiba's home.

I am denying this ban appeal as it does not address the majority of the reasons for your ban, however you are welcome to create a new, more honest ban appeal.

Denied & Locked.

8 months ago

Done! On behalf of all TLC staff & the community you're supporting,


Your donation helps keep TLC alive, and we couldn't do it without your help!



10 months ago
Overworld Void Glitch

We are hoping to update to 1.15 in the very near future, hopefully this solves this issue. I will also be sure to mention this at the next staff meeting.