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I live in the eastern time zone. In Florida. (aka the best state) If you want to play with me try getting on around my 3:00 or on a weekend.
Hi. I've changed my name during my time on tlc... name history: HannahHagans, HappyPerson122, HappyPinapples.


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7 months ago
'Hello!' From... me!

Hi, I'm HappyPinapples (yes, I know Pinapples is spelled wrong.) I changed my username twice during my time in tlc. (HannahHagans>HappyPerson221>HappyPinapples.) I played ~4-5 server changes ago but I was just playing with my older sister DLily. I didn't make any friends exept WLgummybear. I left and came back later, made a cake house with my sister, then I left again and stopped playing for a long time and came back last server change and made a cool town and a pretty big cobblestone wall with WLgummybear. I just started again in this server change and I immediately got to work with making my house so I can start selling cakes. I'm done now and I can sell cakes to anyone on the server with me. They cost 2 iron ingots or 5 gold nuggets each. Last server change I wasn't playing with my sister so I had some good time with all of the other players.  I know you didn't ask me for my 'life story' but I gave some of it to you random internet people anyway. =D