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about 1 month ago
VIP++ (Donating more than 10 dollars)

I feel that people who have donated more than 10 dollars shoild get access to a few extra perks than the regular patreon. An example would be that maybe their name has two stars or they have an extra /disguise that VIP+ doesnt have. One in particular I was thinking was a enderman disguise. Another disguise I was thinking about was a Glitch_ disguise.. I don't think I need to explain that one. I was also thinking about something a little different for VIP++, like maybe they could be able to make it so people of this rank can change the color of their in-game name. Thank you for your time and I hope you support my suggestion.


9 months ago
Totem King

Yo its Misa, aka The Totem King, aka Glitch_ enthusiast, aka Nathan's unofficial minigames tester, aka the guy who will give you an extra life when death occurs, aka etc. But i am here today to announce that i am voting myself for the one non-staff who has command spy. Not really but that woupd be cool