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about 1 month ago
Donator Perks

I miss Enjin...
Remember when we were suggesting new donator /kits, debating the effects /god had on PVP, and didn't care about being G-rated? Fuck the EULA.

about 1 month ago
Nobody Votes for TLC

Compiled some info on the voting websites. Two sites have a 24 hour cooldown, meaning you can't vote at the same time each day. Three sites have hCaptcha image vertification (reCaptcha vote sites don't). Two sites have unobtrusive additional steps.

  1. 24-hour cooldown, hCaptcha
  2. 24-hour cooldown, pop-up window after voting
  3. hCaptcha (2 pages)
  4. hCaptcha (2 pages)
  5. slide-to-verify
  6. star ranking
  7. None
  8. None
  9. None
  10. None

2 months ago
Nobody Votes for TLC

Yeah it's a pain. I've developed a process to get it done in 2 minutes. Maybe less is more, you know? Pruning the vote sites while reducing vote cost could lead to better results overall. (Plus, it'd be easier to update fewer pages.)

2 months ago
Nobody Votes for TLC


I am the only person consistently voting for the server. It feels like there isn’t enough of an incentive, even though the current vote shop items aren’t bad. Let me explain why.

  • /Fly & /God are useful, but less so in the endgame.

  • Elytra is an ideal reward, but you only need one.
  • Diamonds are the best filler item, but they aren’t that hard to come by.

I’d like to see three more items added to the vote shop. These are all consumable or utility items (no trophys/decoration) that are also non-renewable. Perfect for the vote shop.

  • Enchanted Golden Apple – 12 points: These are typically never utilized being so rare. Now there’d be a way to get more.

  • Heart of the Sea – 50 points: Great for underwater builds. You still have to find Nautilus Shells to craft the Conduit.
  • Shulker Box – 24 points: One player can make use of many Shulker Boxes, keeping them coming back to vote.


3 months ago
Low Player Retention Crisis

The new warp area is awesome! IMO the teleporter can be improved. I think it would be more intuitive by walking into the beacon, rather than falling in a hole. This can be done without a tripwire using the purple (repeating) command block. ( COMMAND: "/tp @p[x=106, y=100, z=372, dx=0, dy=2, dz=0] 99 41 318" I tested, but double check offline. ) This way, you won't take fall damage.

Also, if the spawn map was an even width, it would be centered nicely around the entire custom forest and river. But it's no big deal. Excited to see paths out of spawn!