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Hello Nathan, I am very sorry about what happened. My brother had a friend over so I allowed him to use my PC. Then him and his friend Impossible2b decided to grief whatever they could on multiple servers. I'm not asking for an unban, I just wanted to inform you on what happened and I am very sorry about any damage caused. Kind Regards, xglycon


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10 months ago
Website Update

Greetings all - just a brief update to let you all know we updated the website and a few things on the server, so please let me know if you notice anything newly weird or broken.

about 1 year ago
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

The following brought to you by Escargato:

It's that time of year again -- announcing our annual October building contest! Before I announce the theme and rules, I would like to say: thank you, everyone, for a fantastic opening for the 1.14 release on the TLC community. Good job Sissybar and Planetminceraft for the beautiful spawn, and a major thanks to Nathanacus for working hard on the server while still having Real Life hitting him in the back of the head repeatedly. Thanks to the rest of the staff for being you and doing staff things.

Normally, I'll do something hard like "build a haunted mansion" or some type of murder scene, but I have decided to do something a little more simple. The theme is...

*** Drum Roll Noise ***

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! Or, to be more specific, a pumpkin patch.

Now, the rules are pretty simple:

  • One Person per Build, No helping others with the Main build;
  • Please follow server rules no matter what;
  • You have from today (10/8) until Saturday, 11/2 to complete the build, and must send the coords to Escargato; and
  • The build must have pumpkins, leaves, and mushrooms in the build -- if none are within the build, you will be DQ'd, and if one or two of the items aren't placed in the build, points will be deducted from your total score.

Escargato will be judging on three (3) points of interest:

  1. Creativity - the placement and amount of thought and materials put into the build;
  2. Overall Theme - whether it is in any way related to Charlie Brown or to a pumpkin patch; and
  3. Details - the number of individual features in the build.

Please follow the third rule by sending the coords via Discord, Minecraft /mail, or through the TLC website at (Nathan's note: PMs on the forums don't always give notifications, so Discord or Minecraft /mail are probably more reliable). If you have questions, feel free to ask Escargato at any time, except between 2am and 5am when he is asleep. I hope you guys have a #Blessed day, and a fun time building!

about 1 year ago
Rank Updates

We've noticed a few errors in how rank scores are calculated. The time score is now one point per second (previously was one point per minute) and the fighting score is now one point per damage dealt/taken/blocked (previously was 1/1200 of a point). Since this has dramatically increased scores, we also adjusted the points requirements for most ranks. See the ranks help thread for the new requirements. And, for funsies, check out our stats page for information on how rank scores breakdown.

about 1 year ago
Housekeeping Updates

A few housekeeping updates for the server:

  • Elytra are now available for purchase in the vote shop;
  • Phantoms will spawn on the main End island as a source of phantom membranes;
  • Only zombies will spawn in excess at the world border (however, phantoms will continue to be allowed to spawn naturally at the world border);
  • Our server icon now shows up in the server list menu;
  • Fishing income has been reduced to approximately 1/3 of what it was to counter inflation from AFK fishing; and
  • The world border warning messages can be toggled with "/toggle wb warning" -- you can toggle it on again with the same command.


about 1 year ago
Chest Shop Plugin

We use Shop for our chest shop plugin, which works with both barrels and chests, any wood type of sign, and will display a floating item above the shop so prospective customers know exactly what they are purchasing. You will be able to create your own chest shops once you have reached the rank of Redstone -- subsequent ranks allow you to create more shops, as you can see on our Ranks and Player Scores help thread.

A "sell" shop lets you sell to other players; a "buy" shop lets you buy from other players. To create a chest shop of either type, place a chest (or barrel) and place a sign on its front. On the sign, type the following (avoid color codes):

  • Line 1: "[shop]"
  • Line 2: amount as a number
  • Line 3: price for that amount as a number
  • Line 4: "sell" or "buy"

After completing the sign, it should turn red. Simply left-click the sign while holding the item you want to sell and it will complete your shop. See below for images of the process:

Sell Shop Sign      Sell Shop Complete

Buy Shop Sign       Buy Shop Complete

Barrel Shop Complete