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about 1 month ago
Hey It's A me MrDerpyGuy.

Hi im MrDerpyguy, otherwise know as SansTLC. Im the Mayors assistant in the town known as Petal River (The Mayor Is BrinyLicence08.) I try to be the nicest I can be but if someone hurts my friends im not nice, try to see me as i come around not that much. Thank you for reading this time wasting introduction. See Ya On The Server!


P.S Im the King Of Death.

7 months ago
Ban Appeals: SansMC

  • In-game name:SansMC
  • Type of ban (perm/temp):Perm
  • Time and date of ban:3/3/20 9-10pm
  • Staff member who banned you:Glitch
  • Ban reason:Racial slurs
  • Im very sorry for what i did i dont expect a unban but please consider it